One of the 19 Confirmed COVID-19 Patients Tests Negative

One of 19 Confirmed COVID-19 Patients Tests Negative
COVID-19 Taskforce Addresses National Media

The National Taskforce Committee announced in a press briefing that among the 19 confirmed COVID-19 patients currently in the state’s care, one from Vientiane Capital has now tested negative for the virus.

Communicable Disease Control Department Director-General Dr. Rattanaxay Phetsouvanh told national media in a televised conference earlier today that one of Laos’ earlier COVID-19 patients has now tested negative for the virus in the first round of testing.

After having been treated with the utmost care for approximately two weeks, the patient’s health improved significantly to a point where he exhibited no symptoms. Medical professionals then proceeded to take a respiratory sample for testing. The test results showed no trace of the virus in the patient’s bloodstream.

However, a second test will need to be administered, as per WHO guidelines, before the patient is to be allowed to return home.

After the optimistic news was delivered, Dr. Rattanaxay urged the public to exercise extreme caution during the Pi Mai Holidays, where the tendency to engage in water play is very high.

“Why can we not have a normal Pi Mai Holiday where we can playfully pour water on each other? Research has demonstrated that the virus can live up to 4 days in water. If an infected person goes to a crowded temple and engages in both religious and recreational activities using water, then the virus will spread widely. Infected people will return home and spread the virus to their loved ones. Even holy, lustral water can be risky,” says Dr. Rattanaxay.

Here is a clip of the press briefing.