Two More Covid-19 Patients Return Home in Laos

Two more covid-19 patients discharged from hospital

Two more Covid-19 patients have been discharged from hospital in Vientiane, bringing the total number of active cases down to nine.

The two patients were discharged from Vientiane’s Mittaphab “150 Bed” Hospital today after testing negative twice for the coronavirus infection, according to a Lao government press release.

Another nine patients remain in the hospital with light symptoms.

Laos has had no new cases of Covid-19 for 20 consecutive days. Of the 19 confirmed cases, ten patients have now been discharged from hospital after making a full recovery, leaving nine active cases.

A total of 144 people were tested for Covid-19 infection yesterday, including three people in the hospital, three secondary tests of patients in the hospital, one person in self-isolation after leaving the hospital, 127 workers from China, and 10 Lao laborers returning from Thailand.

No new cases of Covid-19 infection were confirmed.

Tomorrow will see the final day of full lockdown in Laos under Prime Ministerial Order No. 06/PM, with restrictions to be eased in a bid to restart the national economy.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a notice yesterday regarding the easing and continuation of certain lockdown measures in Laos.

The notice, effective from 4-17 May, outlines a gradual loosening of lockdown measures, with certain strict measures to remain in place.

One of the patients discharged today was an employee of Phu Bia Mining, while the other discharged patient was a tour guide.