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Hundreds of Lao People Queue at Khon Kaen Consulate for Visa Certificate

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Khon Kaen: Hundreds of Lao people have rushed to request certificates from the Lao Consulate in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand.

The Thai cabinet approved a resolution on visa amnesty in July granting all foreigners automatic visa extensions until 26 September.

However, due to the restrictions imposed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many Lao people are unable to return home and hope to stay longer in Thailand.

In order to ensure their stay, they are required to request a special certificate from a Lao embassy or consulate before renewing their visa.

Hundreds of Lao people in Thailand have requested certificates from the Lao consulate in Khon Kaen.

According to a report by Somsak Jangtrakun, Governor of Khon Kaen Province, the immigration office is receiving more than 300 requests per day.

“Strict measures are now being enforced to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 until the situation is resolved,” Mr. Somsak said.

Thousands of Lao migrant workers returned home to Laos when the world began moving into lockdown.

However, many have made attempts to sneak across the border back into Thailand to seek work after finding themselves unemployed.

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