Thai Students Create 3D-Printed GPS Alms Bowl


Students in Thailand have designed an alms bowl for monks with GPS tracking, allowing villagers to view the route of monks for almsgiving in the mornings.

According to a report in Lao Post, students from Suan Bun Yopatham Lamphun School in Lampang, Thailand, won first prize in innovation in a national engineering skills contest with the creative idea.

The idea of the GPS-enabled alms bowl was aimed at restoring a community lifestyle for Buddhists in Thailand, according to the students.

A special cap for the alms bowl was designed and printed with a 3D printer to replace the original. It can be removed for cleaning and can be used to contain food as well.

A special application is used to track the location of the monks as they make their rounds in the mornings, allowing villagers to prepare.