Lao Employees Receive On-The-Job Training for Laos-China Railway

Lao railway workers receive on-the-job training

Over 150 Lao employees have begun a training course on train driving and maintenance in preparation for the opening of the Laos-China Railway.

According to a report by KPL News, China Railway 15 Bureau Group Co., Ltd., contracted to manufacture sleepers for the Laos-China Railway, revealed its on-the-job training when hosting a media visit this month.

The company is providing trainees with both theoretical knowledge and practical application as part of a complete course, as well as translating work manuals from Chinese into Lao.

The theory section of the course was delivered at the Confucius Institute, under the National University of Laos, while practical work was undertaken at the China Railway No.2 Group railyard.

Lao employees who are to operate the Laos-China Railway already began an intensive Chinese language course at the Confucious Institute of the National University of Laos in June this year.

A member of the Board of Directors of Lao-China Railway Company, Mr. Jian Shu Ming, said the trainees will learn about train engines, railway safety, maintenance, and the transfer of train engines.

150 employees, including four women, are attending the training at Confucius institute, National University of Laos, which will be held in Laos for four months.

The trainees will have a chance to test their skills in a real-world environment in Kunming, China, before returning to Laos to develop their skills.

Following completion of th training, the best trainees will be selected as employees to work on the Lao-China Railway.

Construction of the Laos-China Railway began in December 2016,  is now 90 percent complete. It is scheduled open for use in December next year.