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Laos-China Railway Construction Faces Unique Challenges

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The Laos-China Railway construction project is progressing well but is not without its fair share of challenges, according to officials in charge of the project.

According to a report by Lao Youth Radio, many of the challenges faced by the project are due to a lack of understanding of regulations on the part of local people.

Director of the Laos-China Railway Project, Mr. Xiao Qianwen, says that some railway construction components, particularly rail bolts, have been stolen, while local people have constructed makeshift bridges across sections of the railway without permission.

“These basic issues could cause accidents or damage the railway in the future,” added Mr. Xiao Qian Wen.

According to reports, local people continue to raise cattle and goats along the railroad, allowing them to graze and wander onto the tracks.

Locals build makeshift bridges and graze cattle along the tracks.
Local people build makeshift bridges and allow animals to graze along the tracks.

Chairman of the National Assembly’s Law Committee, Mr. Saythong Keodouangdy, said when visiting the railway construction project last week that authorities will work hard to ensure local people respect the laws and regulations related to the project.

The Laos-China Railway project has been constructed under Chinese management and to Chinese technological standards. It is currently 88 percent complete and is scheduled to open in December 2021.

The Laos-China Railway will run some 414 kilometers, including 198km of tunnels, and will traverse 62km of bridges. It will run from the Boten border gate, connecting Northern Laos to China, down to Vientiane Capital, with an operating speed of 160km per hour.

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