Four Arrested for Railway Construction Theft, Drug Trafficking

Railway Tracks on Laos-China Railway (Photo - Global Times)

Authorities have arrested four suspects charged with theft of railway construction components and drug trafficking along the Laos-China Railway.

According to a report by Lao Post, authorities announced the arrests at a recent security meeting held to discuss the safety and security of the railway project.

Head of Vientiane Capital Public Security Office, Lieutenant Colonel Somphieng Soukpaserd, said that in the first six months of this year, four people were arrested at the project site.

Three of those apprehended had stolen railway construction components, such as rail bolts and rods of steel, while the fourth was arrested on charges of drug trafficking in the construction project area, said Lieutenant Colonel Somphieng Soukpaserd

“Authorities have worked hard to monitor the Laos-China Railway construction project and ensure it remains secure,” Lieutenant Colonel Somphieng Soukpaserd said.

According to Lao law, those who engage in activities deliberately posing a danger to the safety of aircraft, ships, trains, vehicles, airports, ports, train stations or bus stations are subject to heavy fines and up to twenty years imprisonment.

The Laos-China Railway construction project is progressing well but now faces issues including mediation with villagers residing in areas allocated to the project. If the project is unable to resolve this issue quickly, it may cause delays and the railway may not be completed on time.