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Businessman Speaks Out Against Littering In Vang Vieng

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A prominent local businessman has spoken out against littering by tourists in Vang Vieng and across the country.

Entrepreneur and intrepid traveler Mr. Inthy Deuansavanh took to social media on Sunday to highlight the problem.

“The beautiful natural scenery at Pha Nam Xay in Vang Vieng immediately becomes a negative image when people litter and take no responsibility,” Mr. Inthy wrote.

“Tourists come to visit this viewpoint hoping to see the amazing view. They don’t want to see rubbish left everywhere,” he said.

The concession holder should work hard to reduce littering and organize more trash or waste collection facilities, according to Mr. Inthy. Tourists also need to take personal responsibility and ensure they do not leave anything behind.

Plastic bags and plastic water bottles could be seen littered around the viewpoint area in Mr. Inthy’s social media post, creating an eyesore and spoiling the experience.

The country’s “Lao Thiao Lao” domestic tourism campaign has helped to stimulate the economy and has contributed to a rise in domestic tourism, however, a larger volume of domestic tourism means a new set of problems to deal with, including littering.

Foreign visitors have often complained about the amount of rubbish seen at natural tourism sites in Laos, and during the Covid-19 pandemic when the country is closed, the problem of rubbish at tourism sites appears to be getting worse.

Lao Thiao Lao Launch Event in Vientiane Capital
Mr. Inthy Deuansavanh speaks at the Lao Thiao Lao domestic tourism campaign launch.

Mr. Inthy calls on tourists, both local and foreign, to take responsibility for their actions, protect the environment and local communities, and most importantly leave nothing behind.

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