KINOKUNIYA, renowned supermarket chain in Japan, launches its 1st Pop-up Stores in Singapore


Presenting a curated selection of popular, authentic produce air flown from Japan


  • In 1953, KINOKUNIYA pioneered the first “self-service supermarket” in Aoyama, Tokyo, where customers could choose their own products and pay at the cash register. Since then, KINOKUNIYA has continued to expand the possibilities of supermarkets by taking initiatives that are always ahead of the times.
  • This innovative Japanese supermarket chain is constantly on the look for fresh ways to connect with customers. For the first time ever, KINOKUNIYA will unveil an exciting pop-up store in Isetan Scotts and JAPAN RAIL CAFE respectively.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 24 February 2021With international travel not looking to resume soon, KINOKUNIYA has decided to bring the tastes of Japan to the travel-hungry people in Singapore through its first-ever pop-up series. For a limited period, the pop-up stores will offer an exclusive range of some of the most popular products in Japan.

Some of the delectable highlights include Strawberry Butter (an exquisite spread made with Japanese strawberries and butter), Premium Truffle Soy sauce (a decadent blend of white olive oil, French black truffles and Japanese soy sauce) and Drinking Yuzu Vinegar (a health boost made with yuzu juice and natural spring water).

Specialty product


Strawberry Butter

$13.5 0 / 140g

Made with yummy Japanese strawberries and butter , the flavours are a delightful balance of sweet juicy strawberries and creamy butter. Best enjoyed with lightly toasted bread or with pancakes!

Premium Truffle

Soy Sauce

$ 20.50 / 150ml

A decadent blend of white olive oil, French black truffles and Japanese soy sauce (from a heritage maker who has been making shoyu for over 200 years). Recommended for salads, carpaccio, and egg dishes. Full of umami flavours, just a dash will make your usual dishes a little more luxurious.

Vinegar Drink


$ 21.70 / 200 ml

Bursting with health benefits, this delicious drink is made with yuzu juice from Tokushima Prefecture and natural water from northern Hiroshima Prefecture. Dilute with hot water or cold water as desired.

Pop-up Promotion: Free Mini Cooler Bag with Purchase

Eco-friendly fashionistas will be pleased to know that KINOKUNIYA Original Eco-bags will be available for purchase as well. To top that off, customers who spend above $20 and above on KINOKUNIYA products, or order the “KINOKUNIYA Vinegar Drink” at JAPAN RAIL CAFE will receive a special edition mini cooler bag.

KINOKUNIYA mini cooler bag is a handy and chic tote that can be used together with an ice pack to keep your desserts or drinks cool. (Dimensions: 17cm (H) x 17cm (W) x 9.5cm (G))

KINOKUNIYA’s First Pop-up Series in Singapore


Dates: February 27, 2021 (Saturday) – March 18, 2021 (Thursday)

Address: 5 Wallich St, #01-20 Guoco Tower

Details: Vinegar drinks, Eco-bags and other KINOKUNIYA products will be on sale .

2. Isetan Scotts Departmental Store

Dates: March 3, 2021(Wednesday) – March 18, 2021 (Thursday)

Address: 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House. Basement level at Supermarket.

Details: Curated KINOKUNIYA products that are popular in Japan will be on sale.

*All information presented here are accurate as of 24 Feb 2021.

KINOKUNIYA’s flagship store in Aoyama, Tokyo.


Established 111 years ago in 1910 as a fruit merchant in Aoyama, Tokyo, KINOKUNIYA is a long-established brand that has paved the way for the history of supermarkets in Japan. In 1953, the company opened Japan’s first self-service supermarket, modeled after supermarkets in the United states.

This innovative company has always taken on new challenges, such as air-freighting French cheese, which was difficult to obtain at the time, being the first to import lamb from New Zealand, learning how to produce processed meats and rare European breads, and taking the initiative in cultivating high-quality ingredients. Their passion and dedication have thus earned the trust of customers who are particular about food. Many of these efforts have changed the landscape of daily life in Japan.

Today, in addition to the main store in Aoyama, Tokyo, KINOKUNIYA has a total of 34 stores, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. These include stores inside train stations which mainly retail ready-to-eat foods and specialty bakeries.

In the future, KINOKUNIYA will continue to deliver delicious foods, joy, and excitement to the tables of families by offering a full lineup of products from Japan and overseas. These include fresh foods, products developed with partner companies, and specialty breads, baked goods, delicatessens that have been well loved by consumers over many years.