683 Road Accidents Recorded Across Laos in February

Over 1000 killed in accidents across Laos in 2020

Laos recorded 683 road accidents in February this year, including 103 deaths.

The number of road accidents continues to rise across the country, with the two major causes of road accidents being drink driving and reckless driving, while many call for a drastic change to the national driving culture.

According to a report by Vientiane Times, the Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Public Security, says 265 of the accidents recorded in February this year were due to drunk driving, 100 caused by speeding, 91 by refusing to give way, and 67 by drivers suddenly changing direction.

713 accidents were recorded in January this year, leaving 106 dead, with 1,286 vehicles damaged, costing the economy over LAK 11 billion.

The death toll for road accidents throughout Laos reached over 1,000 last year, while the Traffic Police Department says many accidents go unreported, meaning the real number of accidents could be as much as 30% higher.