Mathlete Students in Vientiane Take Home Prizes at 13th Annual Inter-School Maths Olympiad


Students from local, international, and private schools in Vientiane were invited to compete in a battle of wits at the 13th annual Inter-School Maths Olympiad (ISMO) hosted by the International School of Laos.

The winners and placements were announced at an award ceremony held at the Nongbone Campus of the International School of Laos on 20 March 2021.

Primary Category Winners – First Place: Nachayossanan SAENGTONGSRIKAMON (PIS) Second Place: Sengxay SIXOMPHOU (PIS) Third Place: Jordan TAY (PIS) & Sirisok XAYYAVETH (Virathavone)

This year, the top three places of the Primary Category were awarded to Panyathip International School students, with Nachayossanan Saengtongsrikamon at first place, Sengxay Sixomphou at second place, and Jordan Tay with Sirisok Xayyaveth from Virathavone School at a third place tie. They were followed by Phuttasone Dungpanya from Liaotu Chinese School at fourth place and Khammungkhun Lorbuneang from Panyathip International School at fifth place.

Secondary Category Winners – First Place: Souriya BOUNGVATTHANA (Neerada) Second Place: Hyo Un Ri (KIS) Third Place: Moukdavanh BANOUVONG (Phonesavanh)

In the Secondary Category, first place was claimed by Souriya Boungvatthana from Neerada School, second place claimed by Hyo Un Ri from Kiettisack International School, and Moukdavanh Banouvong from Phonesavanh School at third place. In fourth place was Lee woo Won from Panyathip International School and in fifth place is Lathtamataisan Keodara from Vientiane Secondary School.

Plaques given to schools in recognition of their participation.

The top three students of each category were awarded with a cash prize of up to LAK 1,000,000 for first place, LAK 750,000 for second place, LAK 500,000 for third place, and a certificate. Students that weren’t in the top three were awarded with medals and/or certificates for their efforts.

The Inter-School Maths Olympiad is an annual mathematics competition for students of primary (Grades 3, 4, 5) and secondary (Grades 6, 7, 8, 9) levels.