Laos Confirms 28 New Cases of Covid-19 Following More Than 600 Tests

Laotian Times Covid-19 Update

Laos has confirmed 28 new cases of Covid-19 following an outbreak believed to have begun during the Lao New Year holiday period.

The National Taskforce for Covid Prevention and Control announced today that the country had confirmed 28 new cases after testing 656 people.

26 cases were recorded in Vientiane Capital, with two news cases in Champasack Province.

Many of the new cases have been traced to Case 59, a 25-year-old female student from the capital who met illegal entrants from Thailand while celebrating the new year.

Of these, three cases have been traced a massage parlor visited by Case 59, two from Diamond Karaoke Bar, three from Marina Nightclub, two from Funny 89 Restaurant and a nearby noodle shop, and one case from 8118 Karaoke Bar.

15 cases have been traced to other locations including a party at Phontong Garage and parties held in Phonthan, Nongtha Tai, Sikhai, Nongphanya, and Saphanthong Tai villages.

Authorities ordered the temporary closure of all entertainment venues including pubs, nightclubs, and karaoke bars across the country on 13 April, however infected persons had already visited such venues prior to the closure order.

The Taskforce announced it has requisitioned public buildings to increase the number of testing sites operating in the capital to four locations, including the Beungkhayong Indoor Sports Center in Sisattanak District, the Chao Anouvong Stadium in Chanthabouly District, the Ho Chi Minh Highschool in Sikhottabong, and the Lao-Viet Highschool in Chanthabouly District.

The two cases recorded in Champasack Province today include Lao migrant workers returning from Thailand who re-entered Laos via a legal border crossing and have been placed in state quarantine centers.

Prior to ending the announcement, the Taskforce noted the danger of Dengue fever as well as Covid-19, saying the country had confirmed 5 new cases of the mosquito-transmitted disease, with 216 cases and no deaths nationwide.