Laos Extends Lockdown Until 20 May Amid Second Wave of Covid-19

Deputy Prime Minister Kikeo Khaikhamphitoun Announces Lockdown Extension

Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the National Taskforce, Kikeo Khaikhamphitoun, has moved to extend the lockdown period for Laos until 20 May.

Deputy Prime Minister Kikeo announced in a statement to the media that Prime Ministerial Order 15/PM on the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 would be extended for a full 15 days.

“Beloved people of Laos, an outbreak of disease such as this is a difficult thing to defeat. But we have the means to do so. The outbreak could easily continue to spread, and therefore we must do our utmost to fight the disease, and at the same time slowly begin to live our lives in accordance with the “new normal,” he said.

DPM Kikeo urged all residents to continue to comply with covid prevention measures, and at the same time begin to think about living life in accordance with the “new normal.”

“We must ensure transportation of goods between provinces, and ensure people can lead their lives as normally as possible,” he said.

“Therefore, after careful consideration, our Taskforce has proposed to the government that
the PM’s order be extended for a full 15 days, which means lockdown will continue until 20 May,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Many provinces across Laos went into lockdown on 21 April or in the following days, with measures prohibiting all residents to leave their homes except for essential grocery shopping, hospital visits, and any other tasks authorized by the government, such as work undertaken by essential workers.

Laos confirmed 60 new cases of Covid-19 today, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 1,026.


View the Deputy Prime Minister’s full address below, or at this link.