Covid Cases Among Children and Pregnant Women Increase in Laos

Covid Cases Among Children and Pregnant Women Increases in Laos

Laos has confirmed 21 new cases of Covid-19 today as the number of infections among children and pregnant women increases.

Dr. Lattanaxay Phetsouvanh led the daily announcement by the National Taskforce today, giving a breakdown of the pandemic across the globe before giving details about the situation in Laos.

He said the country had undertaken a total of 1,427 tests (941 in Vientiane), confirming 21 new cases and bringing the total number of cases in Laos to 1,591.

The 11 new cases in Vientiane were community transmitted, according to Dr. Lattanaxay, who said that the new infections included people who had been in contact with a man who died in hospital on 13 May.

Employees of Santhiphab Company, the Vientiane Chamber of Industry and Commerce, employees of T-plus, and those residing at a home in Houay Hong Village tested positive, while UNDP volunteers and retired medical personnel were also among those who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the seven new cases recorded in Champasack and three cases in Savannakhet were all imported cases.

Dr. Bouathep Phoumindr spoke during the announcement, saying patterns in the number of cases of infected persons were constantly changing, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing.

She said that overall, however, in Vientiane Capital the numbers had been decreasing, while in the provinces the numbers had been increasing.

According to Dr. Bouathep, the number of children infected with Covid-19 has been increasing, with 19 children now undergoing treatment across the country.

The number of pregnant women has also increased, with one woman in a provincial hospital now in a critical condition.

Because of this, Dr. Bouathep says treatment methods must be adapted to suit new situations, including treating patients with light symptoms at field hospitals and transferring those with worsening symptoms to major hospitals.

The Ministry of Health is preparing personnel for the eventuality of a third wave, and reshuffling testing centers and field hospitals in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

Dr. Bouathep also called upon residents to cease shaming Covid patients on social media, saying this has been contributing to the phenomena of infected persons refusing to come forward and turn themselves in.

To conclude the announcement, Dr. Lattanaxay said that while vaccinations had been progressing well, some provinces had not managed to meet their vaccination targets.

“Vaccination is our only way out of this pandemic,” said Dr. Lattanaxay.