Httpool Celebrates One Year Milestone in Laos


Httpool, an Aleph Holding company, the largest global partner of major media platforms, celebrated its first anniversary in Laos this month. Setting up an office amidst the pandemic to execute over 8,600 plus campaigns on Facebook has been an exciting start. Httpool is currently acting as Facebook Authorized Sales Partner, supporting agencies and brands with their advertising efforts on the global giant platform.

As the most important digital platform in Laos, Facebook is used by approximately 3.4 million people. It is also the best channel for local businesses to reach out to consumers, share offers, informing them of new products, and raise brand awareness.

Support, Expertise, and Education

Httpool’s Facebook platform expert teams provide value-added advantages like campaign consultation, troubleshooting, creative, media and measurement best practices, and education webinars free of cost to all partner advertisers working with us to use the platform most efficiently.

“The digital rising and consumer development in Laos leaves a great opportunity for brands to grow, especially through the digital segment. Representing an essential platform like Facebook is a great opportunity, but also a great responsibility,” states Shuhel Pistawala, Httpool Facebook Lead for Indo-China.

“Our first year was fantastic and we had great cooperation with agencies and clients. We have learned a lot from each other every single day to improve our performances, and we are still doing so. We are super excited to keep bringing the latest Facebook advertising solutions to Laos and also happy to share consultancy offerings to agencies and clients to achieve reach better every day. Our commitment towards bringing digital literacy within the country will continue to grow in 2021,” states Vannaleth “Tong” Phimphachanh, Client Partner Lead of Httpool Laos.

Httpool’s team in Laos is currently serving more than 90 brands across various industries like media, healthcare, CPG, entertainment, finance, e-commerce, education, and more. The market is being serviced and supported by over 25 dedicated digital specialists based locally and regionally in India, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

“Httpool is like a Facebook office in Laos. Httpool team is a very responsive and devoted business partner for any digital agency in the country,” states one general manager of a digital agency in Laos.

“Httpool is always the first-hand support that we will reach out to if there are any issues that we cannot find out the solutions for our clients. And we are happy that during the previous year there are no big issues that both teams couldn’t find out the solutions to. So far so good for us and hope to learn more from the Httpool team and Facebook platform as well,” states the CEO of another Vientiane-based digital marketing firm.

Connecting and nurturing the local ecosystem

A company with a strong global track record of 20 years, Httpool aims at connecting the digital ecosystem, serving as the link between advertisers and digital platforms.

With a strong sendoff from the year 2020, Httpool’s  Laos team is determined to continue working hard, supporting, and educating all advertisers in the country to help them make the most of the Facebook opportunity.