Authorities Order Trucks to Reduce Weight in Rainy Season

Trucks in Laos ordered to reduce weight

Vientiane Capital authorities have ordered heavy trucks to reduce their weight by 20 percent during the rainy season.

According to a notice issued by the Vientiane Capital Public Works and Transport Department on Thursday, during the rainy season, all trucks in the Capital must reduce their cargo weight by 20%.

The notice stated that trucks weighing more than 7 tons must drop 20% of their total weight from 1 June to 31 November.

Authorities aim to save money on road repairs and upgrades in the capital, as well as to keep some dirt roads, and natural routes, in good usage so that they may be used in both wet and dry seasons.

Trucks in violation of the new order will face steep fines.

Last year authorities were forced to undertake major road repairs following the rainy season.

National Road No. 13, in particular, was in a state of extreme disrepair following heavy rains and flash flooding across the country.

Public complaints and posts in social media were commonplace, prompting swift action by authorities.

Then Minister of Public Works and Transport, Dr. Bounchanh Sinthavong, made a personal inspection of the state of Route 13 North between Naxaythong District in Vientiane Capital and Phonhong District, in Vientiane Province.