Laos Records Sixth Covid-19 Death

23-year-old woman dies of Covid-19 in Savannakhet

Laos has confirmed its sixth death as a result of Covid-19 in Savannakhet Province.

A 23-year-old woman from Dongtha Village, Outhoumphone District, Savannakhet Province passed away today at a field hospital in Savannakhet Province.

The Savannakhet Rescue Service (1629) reported the death earlier this morning as the woman’s body was taken for cremation at a Buddhist temple.

The woman had been working as a maid in Bangkok, Thailand, for over a year. She returned to Laos via the Second Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge and was immediately tested for Covid-19.

She was sent to the KM 9 Hospital in the Savannakhet Province Special Economic Zone, where her condition deteriorated. She was placed on oxygen while doctors made every attempt to save her life, however, she passed away at 7:30pm on 27 July.

The death is the second Covid death recorded in Savannakhet Province after a 49-year-old man from Nongboua Tha, Songkhon District, Savannakhet Province passed away at a field hospital on 17 July.