China Provides Laos With 28 Electric Vehicles for Use in SEZ

China provides Laos with 28 electric vehicles

China is providing Laos with a fleet of 28 electric vehicles to promote green transportation as part of the South-South Cooperation Project on climate change.

The electric vehicles, produced by the Changsha BYD plant, including taxis, buses, and electric trucks, will be used in a low-carbon demonstration area, according to CRI.

A handover ceremony for the fleet of electric vehicles took place in Changsha, Hunan Province, China on Friday.

Deputy Director-General of the Climate Change Department under China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Mr. Jiang Zhaoli, Deputy Mayor of the Changsha Municipal Government, Mr. Chen Peng, and the Consul General of Laos to Changsha, Mr. Boun Inthabandith attended the ceremony.

Handover of the electric vehicles in Changsha, China
Handover of the electric vehicles in Changsha, China (Photo: CRI)

Consul General of Laos to Changsha, Mr. Boun Inthabandith, says this assistance is critical to the Lao government, as well as the Lao people, in promoting green transportation, as well as environmental protection in Laos.

The Saysettha Special Economic Zone has been chosen as a low-carbon demonstration area in Vientiane Capital by the South-South Cooperation Project on Climate Change in Laos.

China and Laos have been cooperating to build the Vientiane Saysettha Development Zone (SDZ) into a low-carbon demonstration model for the country since earlier this year.

The project is one of ten low-carbon demonstration zones being trialed by China in developing countries.

This new shipment of electric vehicles is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding inked last year between Laos’ Ministry of Natural Resources and China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment to collaborate on a climate change project.

Mr. Jiang Zhaoli said that China and Laos are friendly neighbors and that the completion of major projects such as the Laos-China Railway and the Saysettha Development Zone has the potential for cooperation in combating climate change.

Changsha is expanding its collaboration with Laos in areas such as environmental concerns, industry, economics, commerce, tourism, and others in order to establish a green cycle and minimize carbon emissions.

Mr. Chen Peng said that the 28 new BYD electric vehicles produced in Changsha will help promote green transportation in the Saysettha Low-Carbon Demonstration Zone.

Located in Vientiane, the Saysettha Development Zone covers an area of 11.5 square kilometers. It is a key cooperation project between the governments of China and Laos, a Chinese national overseas economic and trade cooperation zone, and a state-level special economic zone of Laos.