National Assembly Tells Government To Tax Online Vendors

Online vendors to pay taxes in Laos
Online vendors to pay taxes in Laos.

Members of the National Assembly have asked the Lao government to begin collecting taxes from those selling products and services online.

According to a report by Lao National Radio, members of the National Assembly raised the issue of online commerce, requesting the government to collect taxes from online vendors.

National Assembly Member of Khammouan Province, Mr. Bounmy Phimmasone, said during the first extraordinary session of the ninth legislature, that online commerce is booming in Laos, with some merchants making large profits without paying taxes.

“The government should put measures in place to collect taxes from online vendors because this will be a significant source of government revenue,” said Mr. Bounmy Phimmasone.

Officials said that some online businesses, such as Food Panda, have already registered and pay taxes, while authorities will attempt to find a solution regarding unregistered online businesses.

Meanwhile, authorities announced in February that Lao citizens and foreigners with income in Laos must register for a taxpayer identification number.

All persons liable to personal income, including Lao citizens and foreigners throughout the country, have been required to register a taxpayer identification number.

Despite announcing said that all individuals liable to personal income in Laos will be required to register from 10 February to 30 June this year, little has been done to enforce the regulation.