Ninth Covid-19 Death Reported in Laos

Ninth Death in Laos from Covid-19
Rescue service personnel take the body for cremation.

A woman in Champasack Province has become the country’s ninth death as a result of Covid-19.

According to a social media post by Champasack Rescue Team 1623, the woman died yesterday, and a cremation service was performed at a Buddhist cemetery in Pakse.

The woman had been working in Thailand and returned to Laos via the Vang Tao border checkpoint on 17 July where she was tested and sent to a quarantine center.

On 19 July the woman’s test results showed positive for Covid-19, and she was sent to a hospital for treatment.

It was found that the woman was five months pregnant.

On 1 August the woman began to exhibit worsening symptoms of Covid-19, and while doctors made every attempt to provide treatment, her condition worsened.

On 8 August the woman’s unborn child no longer showed signs of life.

On 10 August, the woman’s condition worsened until she passed away in the hospital 11 August.

This latest death marks the third death from Covid-19 in Champasack Province.

A 38-year-old man in Champasack become the country’s seventh death as a result of Covid-19 on 30 July, while a 76-year-old man died in the province on 7 August.