Vientiane Capital Police Out in Force Across the City

Vientiane police out in force

Police in Vientiane Capital have increased their presence in and around the city to ensure residents are following the most recent directions of the Covid Taskforce.

Traffic police in the capital, led by Lt. Colonel Chanthaboun Manivong, have been undertaking vehicle inspections at checkpoints.

Police have established 15 checkpoints to monitor vehicles entering and exiting Vientiane Capital, with some 3,076 vehicles passing through.

Warnings were issued to a large number of people, police say, who had flouted the Covid-19 prevention regulations issued by the Mayor of Vientiane Capital and the Prime Ministerial Order on Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

At the same time, authorities in Vientiane Capital have been conducting nightly patrols to ensure that karaoke bars, entertainment venues, tourism sites, night markets, food gardens, pubs (including grill and barbecue restaurants serving alcohol), cinemas, snooker halls, massage parlors, spas, beauty parlors, and internet cafes remain closed.

The Mayor of Vientiane Capital issued an urgent order increasing Covid-19 restrictions and imposing a curfew in the nation’s capital from 31 August until 15 September.