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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Vientiane Capital Requests Urgent Lockdown

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The office of the Mayor of Vientiane Capital requested authorization from the Deputy Prime Minister today to reinstate lockdown across several districts in the nation’s capital.

Following a surge in cases confirmed earlier today connected to the spread of Covid-19 at a number of garment factories, a full lockdown has been requested to prevent a widespread outbreak in the city.

If approved, from midnight tomorrow until midnight 30 September, entry into and travel within four districts would be prohibited, with three districts partially locked down.

Entry into and travel within Chanthabouly, Sikhottabong, Sisattanak, and Saysettha districts would be prohibited, while the bridge at Thangon would be closed in Xaythany District. An area stretching from Buddha Park to the city center would be closed in Hatsayfong District, while Naxaythong would be closed from Si Keut Village to the city center.

Only those with authorization from the Central Taskforce would be allowed to enter or travel through parts of the city that have been closed off.

Should the request be approved, factories would be required to immediately close, except for those that have been inspected and have received authorization from the Central Taskforce.

Schools would be used as quarantine areas for those who have had close contact with infected persons (C2).

Fines levied against violators would be increased to as much as LAK 10,000,000 as well as full prosecution in accordance with the law.

The request also proposes that the city prepare field hospitals to accommodate an extra 1,000 people, as well as opening more testing and vaccination centers.

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