Laos Sees Fewer Cases Of Covid-19 Today, One New Death in Vientiane

Covid-19 Update Vientiane

Laos has recorded fewer cases of community spread of Covid-19 today across every province, however, another new death has been confirmed.

The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control reported that 6,337 tests were conducted across the country over the last 24 hours, with 358 new cases confirmed.

There were 335 cases of community spread and 23 imported cases across the country.

The country also recorded its 18th Covid-19 death today as a 75-year-old man from Kengyang Village, Hatsaifong District in Vientiane Capital passed away from the virus.

The man was admitted to Mittaphab Hospital due to kidney failure on 17 September and tested positive for Covid-19 while in hospital.

The family of the man requested to take him home prior to the results of the Covid-19 test being announced because his condition had worsened.

The man passed away at 14:30 on 29 September at his home, where a ceremony was held by the family.

The National Taskforce reported that the man had shared a room at the hospital with another Covid-19 patient and may have become infected while in hospital.

Community Spread in Vientiane Capital:
Vientiane Capital recorded 128 cases, with nine cases in Naxaythong District, five cases in Hatsaifong District, and one case in Saysettha District (Nonwai and Somsanga villages).

In Chanthabouly District one case was recorded in Sihom Village, while Sikhottabong District recorded 18 cases.

The 103 Military Hospital confirmed 10 cases, while the Mittaphab Hospital confirmed seven cases.

Some 35 cases were confirmed at the Beungkhanyong Testing Center, while the Sikeut Testing Center confirmed 19 cases.

A further 13 cases were recorded in connection with the Nongchan Market.

Community Spread by Province:

In Khammouane Province, 11 total cases were recorded, six medical personnel and one military officer tested positive, with ten from Thakhek District and one from Nongbok.

In Savannakhet, 35 total cases were recorded, with 24 cases among monks at Phoxay Temple, and another seven cases in Kaysone Phomivane City.

Four cases were recorded in Outhomphone District, with one case at the Nikon Factory and three at a military base.

In Champasack, twenty total cases were recorded, with seven in Bachieng, 12 in Pakse City, and one in Pathoumphone.

In Luang Prabang Province, 69 cases were recorded, with 43 in Ngoy District, 24 in Nambak District, three in Luang Prabang City, and one in Nan District.
*Two cases were reclassified as imported cases.

In Vientiane Province, 24 total cases were recorded. Some eleven cases were recorded in Phonhong District, with three cases in Viengkham District, and three cases in Vang Vieng District. Thoulakhom District saw one case.

Total Cases:

Laos now has 5,441 active cases of Covid-19, with 18 confirmed deaths, and 23,846 total cases.

Meanwhile, 296 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals around the country yesterday.

There are now 285 villages designated as red zones around the country, over 40 districts, across ten provinces.

In Vientiane Capital, there are 115 red zone villages across eight districts.