How To Celebrate A Merry Christmas In Laos


Laos is majorly a Buddhist country and only 2% of its population is Christian. However, it does not stop the Christians from celebrating Christmas enthusiastically and merrily. In fact, Christmas is celebrated in a unique way in Laos. Unlike other countries that have commercialized the festival, the real essence of the festival is still preserved in Laos which makes celebrating Christmas a must-have experience when in Laos on Christmas. Here are a few ways how you can celebrate Christmas in Laos to enjoy its full glory. 

1. Explore Vientiane

Vientiane is the capital of Laos and Christmas is celebrated with full enthusiasm with cities. Most of the shops and pubs in Vientiane are decorated with twinkling lights and the Christmas theme is followed strictly. In addition to that movie, marathons are run to keep the spirits high. Most of the places organize Christmas eve buffets that can be enjoyed the best in any happening place of the city. 

2. Send Christmas Gifts To Your Loved Ones

Keeping the idea of Santa Claus is important even for the adult to truly experience the essence of the festival. Christmas presents the perfect occasion to send thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. Even when it is possible to give gifts directly, for a change, try to mail the gift using courier services like TCS. The joy of receiving gifts via mail is unique and it brings a different kind of joy. 

3. Enjoy Outdoor Activities In Vang Vieng 

Vang Vieng is known for its outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and rock climbing. If you want to celebrate Christmas outdoors, you can try visiting Vang Vieng. Just like the city of Vientiane, even Vang Vieng is decorated in a Christmas theme making it the perfect tourist destination. All the stores remain open on Christmas and therefore, you can be sure that you will have a gala time there. 

4. Host A Virtual Gathering

Even though the cases of Covid have gone down, the hard truth is that it still exists. If you want to avoid the crowd to avoid the Covid virus, you can celebrate Christmas by hosting a virtual gathering. You can also go for a virtual gathering celebration to celebrate the festival with the family members who cannot visit you due to some reason. Using platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, it is possible to virtually celebrate the festival with the same enthusiasm. 

5. Mail Cookies And Cake 

Christmas is all about spreading joy. Thankfully, because of courier services like VRL, it is possible to spread love and joy even when you are not at a physically close distance with your loved ones. If you are into baking cakes and cookies, you can mail your loved ones the homemade treats and surprise them. 

6. Visit Hill Tribe Homestay 

In Laos, the tourists can spend time with the local ethnic family of the country by experiencing homestay with the Hill Tribe. Homestay with the ethnic minority family allows you to experience a fresh perspective and ways of celebrating the knowledge while enriching your traditions and beliefs. It will be a good idea to bring some gifts along with you to spread joy amongst the hill tribe. 

7. Play Secret Santa

If by any chance, you along with your colleagues would be working in the office during Christmas, you can bring some fun in the office by playing Secret Santa. The game ensures that all the colleagues receive holiday appreciation. In Secret Santa, name cards of all the colleagues are prepared and everyone needs to choose a card. The card that you choose is the person for whom you need to be a Secret Santa and the Secret Santa needs to bring some gift for that person. 

8. Spend Time With Children 

If you are single and are living in Laos alone, then you can consider spending time with children. Spending time with orphaned children is a great way to celebrate Christmas. You can spend time baking cakes for them, by playing the role of Christmas and gifting the children and you can also further go ahead and read them Christmas stories. Not every Christmas party should be all about food and booze. Spending time with children is one of the simplest but happiest ways of spending Christmas. 

9. Go For A Family Dinner 

Keeping the Christmas tradition alive, go for a family dinner if all the family members are in Laos itself. Family dinner on Christmas is not about food but spending time with loved ones. You can go for a homemade meal on Christmas to enjoy the joy of simple home-cooked food. 

10. Decorate Your Home Plants

If you want to spend Christmas alone and want to enjoy it in solitude, to bring in the vibe of Christmas, you can consider decorating your indoor plants with twining lights, confetti, and paper cutting. You can further, make yourself a warm cup of coffee and read a book like Christmas Caro