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Kobe Global Technologies’ Research Reveals Millennials And Gen Z Value Authenticity On Social Media

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 9 December 2021 – Research conducted by Kobe Global Technologies in an effort to study Gen Z’s and Millennials’ spending habits in relation to social media advertising has revealed that Millennials and Gen Z look towards authenticity and unfiltered content curation from content creators and social media influencers. This means raw and authentic content is more likely to convince these two demographics to engage with the brand.

In this day and age, Millennials and Gen Z are not only tech-savvy, but they are also more mindful of what they digest online and how marketing advertisements or contents are packaged and communicated to them. These two demographics are no longer viewing celebrity endorsements for products or services alone; they are looking for internet personalities who embody their values and social beliefs, as well as someone who openly embraces their natural flaws or mistakes that a layperson can resonate with.


This research has been backed up by the two campaigns that Kobe has assisted its clients with. By entrusting the social influencers, who understand what content style works best for their followers, to produce authentic content that speaks to consumers, Kobe’s clients – Genki Sushi and Livinguard – were able to reap the benefits. The followers were able to sense the influencers’ honesty, and therefore, they were more receptive to what these key opinion leaders had to say.


Moreover, understanding that consumers disliked being told what to do, the influencers avoided including a call to action in the initial phases of the Livinguard campaign, thereby generating intrigue among followers. On the day of the launch, the content creators were flooded with queries on how to purchase the products.


Through the brilliant execution of these said campaigns, Genki Sushi saw a 64% increase in the sales of its Xmas Deluxe Dai Man Zoku Set from the company’s previous year, and Livinguard saw sales spike by more than 300% on the day of its Instagram campaign, easily cementing this launch as the company’s highest sales count since its inception in Singapore.


And Genki Sushi was clearly happy with the results, as the company has continued its partnership with Kobe for its various marketing campaigns since January 2020. The acknowledgment of Kobe’s good work is also echoed by Mr. Gavin Gan, Executive Director of Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Mfy. Ltd, another beneficiary of Kobe’s authentic approach to content creation. When requested to provide feedback, Mr. Gan had this to say, “Kobe Global Technologies provides good professional service and insightful knowledge on social media and influencer marketing.”


With online viewers and consumers being at the heart of social media marketing, getting the right people to spread the right message to the right audience is essential. And Kobe’s research has made the company aware of this fact, leading to a transformation in the way the organization approaches influencer marketing.

About Kobe Global Technologies

Kobe Global Technologies is a pioneering company in Singapore delivering consumer-first social media marketing campaigns. With access to over 20,000 content creators across Southeast Asia and its patented A.I. technology that combs through millions of data points, the company is able to deliver influence for more than 500 brands globally. For more information on the company’s services, please visit https://www.getkobe.com/


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