Thailand Proposes “One Day Go” Scheme for Short Trips to Nong Khai Province

The Asawann Shopping Complex in Nong Khai Thailand
The Asawann Shopping Complex in Nong Khai, Thailand.

Authorities in Nong Khai Province, Thailand are preparing to reopen the border to arrivals from Laos via the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge.

The province hopes to propose its “One Day Go” scheme to authorities in Laos and reach an agreement before the border reopens on 24 December.

Deputy Director-General of Thailand’s Department of Consular Affairs, Mr. Narong Boonsatheanwong, said last month that the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) in Thailand approved the easing of entry regulations for international arrivals, as well as returning Thais and foreign residents.

“The CCSA will allow international travelers from Laos to visit Nong Khai by land without being quarantined as part of a trial operation,” said Mr. Narong Boonsatheanwong.

Nong Khai Province has proposed a system that will be called “One Day Go,” allowing vaccinated Lao citizens and foreign residents to travel to Nong Khai and Udon Thani using a border pass.

Under the proposed scheme, fully vaccinated Thais would be able to travel to Vientiane Capital for one day of tourism as well.

Officials at the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge between Vientiane Capital in Laos and Nong Khai, Thailand.

“The province of Nong Khai has proposed the “One Day Go” pilot tourism scheme so that the land border with Vientiane Capital can be reopened. This will allow tourism to resume but only for short, one-day trips,” said Mr. Narong.

Nong Khai Provincial Governor Monsit Phaisanthanawat said that Nong Khai is now ready for the “One Day Go” trial tour, with tourism operators and businesses fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and more than half of the city’s population inoculated.

Under conditions for entry to Thailand, RT-PCR checks may be used to screen travelers who are staying for an extended period of time, and an insurance policy with coverage of no less than USD 50,000 must be purchased, while Thais and foreign residents who have national healthcare coverage are exempt from this requirement, according to Provincial Governor Monsit Phaisanthanawat.

“In the meantime, Thai officials aim to meet with relevant representatives of the Lao government to see if they can reach an agreement or modify the format. Entry will likely follow the same rules and regulations as Suvarnabhumi Airport,” Mr. Monsit Phaisanthanawat added.

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