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Group Arrested for Theft of Railway Components in Luang Prabang

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Three men and a woman have been detained by police in Luang Prabang Province after being found stealing railway components along the Laos-China Railway.

According to a report by Luang Prabang News, railway fencing parts and other objects were reported stolen in Chomphet Village of Chomphet District, Luang Prabang Province.

Head of Chomphet District Public Security Office, Lieutenant General Paserth Phomalath, says a man was arrested last month on charges of theft of state property.

The man admitted to stealing 14 sections of steel fencing, as well as steel rods other items along the railway line that were used as barriers to prevent animals from entering the railway area, according to Lieutenant General Paserth Phomalath.

The man said he had sold the steel fencing and other railway components to three other individuals as scrap metal.

“Authorities have recovered some railway components which have been returned to the railway company, including 14 pieces of steel fence, barbed wire, steel rods, and other materials,” Lieutenant General Paserth Phomalath added.

A 40-year-old man was arrested in Vientiane Capital earlier this month for theft of fencing along the railway line, as well as a scrap metal merchant who purchased the stolen items.

Meanwhile, a man was killed while attempting to cut electrified cables along the Laos-China Railway in October this year. He suffered electrical burns and died in hospital.

According to Lao law, those who engage in activities deliberately posing a danger to the safety of aircraft, ships, trains, vehicles, airports, ports, train stations or bus stations are subject to heavy fines and up to twenty years imprisonment.

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