Replay Your Year with Facebook Year Together and Instagram Playback


The year 2021 has been an era of transition for many people across the globe. We’ve all worked together to find new ways to reconnect, discover new communities and celebrate each triumph. Here’s how you can recap and replay your biggest moment on the Facebook app and Instagram:

Facebook Year Together 

Beginning December 9th, Facebook App users can view their personalized experience in News Feed and share with their friends and community.

‘Year Together’ celebrates shared milestones that inspired us all to come together and discover new beginnings. It’s a personalized experience from Facebook App that reflects the moments that really mattered to you and made your year better — the friends, the feelings, the places and the Year Together is your own shareable journey through 2021, inspiring you and your friends by how far you’ve come.

How to create your Year Together: Year Together will appear in your News Feed as a message from Facebook. You’ll first see an opt-out message enabling you to dismiss the experience if you choose to, followed by the experience itself. You can also see your experience if a friend shares their own to News Feed via “Try it” CTA. It is available on iOS, Android and sharing is enabled on Desktop.

Instagram Playback

Playback on Instagram is a way for people to remember the moments, from the little moments they may have forgotten, to the big ones that they’ll never forget. The feature allows people to look back and celebrate, just before the new year.

From the momentous to the mundane, the moments you shared over the year are a reflection of how you spent it, who you shared it with, and above all, everything you explored. Your Stories are where you tried new experiences for size and decided what fit. And as the year comes to a close, it is a time to reflect and reminisce on your journey.

How to create your Playback: 2021 Playback Story prompt will appear on your IG feed. Tap on the 2021 sticker to see your playback or alternatively, you can search for IG @creator account and click through their Stories EOY highlight, click on the 2021 sticker to see your Playback.