Savannakhet Civil Servant Dismissed After Missing More Than 400 Days of Work

Civil servant misses over 400 days of work in Laos

A civil servant in Savannakhet Province has been dismissed by the government after being absent from work for more than 400 days in three years.

Head of Atsaphone District Office of Justice, Mr. Somsanouk Sethavong, said on Friday that an employee under his supervision from Sok Village, Kaysone Phomvihane District of Savannakhet Province, had taken long absences from work without permission, Lao Youth Radio reports.

Mr. Somsanouk said that the man had been absent for days at a time without explanation, missing 50 days of work in 2019, and 215 days in 2020.

In 2021, the errant civil servant missed 179 days of work, clocking up a total of 444 days in absentia over three years.

“This individual has ignored his assignments and he has a hostile attitude toward his colleagues, among other things,” said Mr. Somsanouk Sethavong.

“The man was finally dismissed, with his name stricken from all government service lists. He will not receive any further benefits,” Mr. Somsanouk Sethavong added.

Ms. Bounthalangsy Khammanivong presides over a meeting to dismiss errant civil servants.
District Governor, Ms. Bounthalangsy Khammanivong, presides over a meeting to dismiss errant civil servants.

Savannakhet Province has seen its fair share of unruly public servants, with the chief of police dismissing three police officers for misconduct and violation of Covid-19 prevention orders in October 2021.

Two more police officers in Savannakhet were dismissed for misconduct in May under a direct order from the Minister of Public Security.