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Laos to Produce Medication to Treat Drug Addiction

This Week

Laos is to begin the trial production of medication to assist in the treatment of drug addiction.

Pharmaceutical Factory No. 3 is to produce medication used to cure drug addicts in accordance with the strategy of the Ministry of Public Security.

A pill form of medication has been approved by the Food and Drug Department, Ministry of Health, Vientiane Times reports.

Director of Pharmaceutical Factory No. 3, Dr. Lahounh Chanthabout, says the pills are a type of medication that affects a patient’s nervous system.

“When consumed, patients will feel as if they have taken narcotics,” he said.

Dr. Lahounh said that the drug works by mimicking the effects of a genuine addictive substance by including components that act like the type of narcotics required by the patients.

“However, drug addiction treatment can take some time, depending on the severity of the addiction,” says Dr. Lahounh.

“The pills have a three-year shelf life after production, and the whole manufacturing process, including distribution and usage, has been authorized by the relevant sectors,” Dr. Lahounh Chanthabout added.

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