Football Personality Pledges LAK 40 Million for Laos Victory over Thailand

Boa to provide LAK 40 million reward to Laos football team
The Laos football team after defeating Malaysia at the AFF U23 Championship.

Football personality Phijika Boonkwang has pledged a reward of LAK 40 million to the Laos national football team if they beat Thailand in the AFF U23 Championship.

Ms. ​Phijika, or Boa, as she is known, posted the pledge to her Facebook page earlier today.

I will give LAK 40 million to the Laos national football team if they can beat Thailand,” reads her post.

She states that another well-known businessman will provide a further LAK 10 million, bringing the total reward for the team to LAK 50 million, if the young football players can secure a victory against Thailand.

Ms. Boa is the former president of the Vientiane Football United club.

Laos is to proceed to the semi-finals at the AFF U23 Championship after defeating Malaysia twice during the Group B matches.

The two victories took many by surprise, with Malaysian media calling the defeat an “embarrassing loss.”

The Lao team has emerged victorious under the guidance of newly-appointed German coach Michael Weiss.

Laos will face off against Thailand tomorrow at 4 pm at Morodok Techo National Stadium, Phnom Penh, in Cambodia.