Laos-China Railway Tests Multiple-Unit Train Control

Laos-China Railway Tests Multiple Unit Train Control

Laos-China Railway has completed testing of multiple-unit train control, combining two EMU trains.

The Laos-China Railway Company (LCRC) announced that it had successfully tested multiple-unit train control, effectively allowing two EMU trains to be connected together.

This process will allow greater passenger capacity along popular routes, Lao National Radio reports.

Since its launch, the railway company has worked to upgrade the quality of its services, including adding additional train schedules and improving ticket sales services.

Laos-China Railway Tests Multiple Unit Train Control
Testing Multiple-Unit Train Control (Photo: Lao National Radio).

The company also recently opened a ticket sales office at Vientiane Center shopping mall in Vientiane Capital and is working on an online reservation system.

The company says that the railway has provided 172 round trips, servicing approximately 3,160 passengers per day since its opening.

LCRC asked for the government’s assistance last month, stating that due to the continued depreciation of the Lao kip, it wishes to make and receive payments in foreign currency or local currency exchanged at market rates.

Meanwhile, freight transportation on the Laos-China Railway is scheduled for seven stations, with three of these now operational, namely Vientiane, Vang Vieng, and Nateuy.

As of February, these had transported some 139,422 tons of freight since the railway’s opening, generating revenue of CNY 48.84 million (USD 7,680,817).