Neuron Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre Introduces the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Training Method

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 15 March 2022 – Due to the impact of the current epidemic, people are paying more attention to the importance of health. Given this, Neuron Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre introduces the dynamic neuromuscular stabilization function training method, to debunk the misunderstanding of physiotherapy, and to provide a practical and effective radical solution for ‘superficial’ health treatments. This training method enables athletes to find the roots of physical exertion problems, to eliminate the chance of injury and strain.

Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization is an innovative trend in rehabilitation therapy and sports training. It is a set of neurodevelopmental system-based assessments and remodeling of the motor system invented by Professor Pavel Kolar of the Prague School. The professional physiotherapists of the ‘Rehabilitation Square’ also have expertise in sports physiotherapy training.

Through dynamic analysis and nervous system tests, physiotherapists analyze and explore the large and small muscles with exertion problems, to find the roots of the problem. This method can effectively prevent and treat neuromuscular pain, improve the state of athletes, correct and improve exercise postures through exercise therapy.

As the epidemic is raging, the public spends most of their time at home. Given this, ‘Rehabilitation Square’ will regularly provide several mild to moderate training for their customers in addition to the introduction of new physiotherapy techniques. By doing so, customers can conveniently participate in exercises at home. Stretching exercises can relieve neck and arm pain from long-term exposure to electronic products, meanwhile strengthening the body. Furthermore, the ‘Rehabilitation Workshop’ also provides effective home treatment and inquiries for patients who suffer from “injection site pain” after vaccination.

Moreover, the Rehabilitation Workshop also provides on-site physiotherapy services and on-site physiotherapy consultation services to help patients who need regular physiotherapy to begin the road to recovery.

About Neuron Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

Neuron Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre a Hong Kong physiotherapy platform that integrates Chinese and Western medical concepts as a consultation direction for the treatment of various pain disorders and diseases, such as frozen shoulders, and high & low shoulders. In physiotherapy, exercise therapy is also a commonly used method. Rehabilitation Square also provides exercise therapy such as sports massage and stretching therapy. All physiotherapists and sports physiotherapists have internationally recognized professional qualifications.