Laos Eases Entry Procedures for Foreigners and Lao Nationals

Wattay Airport Laos Immigration

Laos has eased entry procedures for foreigners holding certain visa types as well as Lao nationals returning from abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a recommendation to ease restrictions on entry to Laos for Lao nationals and foreigners holding labor visas (LA-B2), spouse visas (SP-3), or other types of multiple entry visas.

According to the notice, such visa holders would no longer be required to request permission for entry from Lao consulates or embassies abroad, or from the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Instead, eligible visa-holders will simply be required to access the Green Pass online visa portal and register for a QR Code, after which they may travel to Laos.

Upon arrival in Laos, a 48-hour quarantine period following an RT-PCR test for foreign residents arriving in Laos will remain in place, after which seven-day home isolation is authorized.

Meanwhile, the instruction suggests that diplomatic workers and employees of international organizations may enter Laos without being required to request authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or use the Green Pass portal.

The Green Pass online portal went live on 2 March to facilitate visitors’ entry to the country.