Hot and Stormy Weather to Hit Laos This Week

Sunset in Vientiane Province.
Sunset in Vientiane Province.

Prts of Laos will experience high temperatures and heavy rain this weekend.

According to a forecast issued today by the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the weather is expected to warm up during the next several days, especially in Laos’ northern provinces.

At the same time, storms are expected in central and southern provinces, arriving as early as this evening and continuing through the weekend. 

Temperatures will see lows of 15 degrees Celcius and highs of 37 degrees from tomorrow until 1 May, with rainfall in some parts of the country.

Vientiane Capital can expect a high of 38 degrees on Thursday.

Authorities have warned people across the country to be cautious of extreme weather, including thunderstorms and hail.