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NGT and DinoVerse Join Forces to Roll out the Animal Protection Charity NFT Collaboration

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A Portion of Proceeds Will be Donated to Animal Care Organizations More Than 100 Local KOLs Take the Steer to Participate “Meta-Street Hong Kong” Is Revealing its Landscape

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 11 May 2022 – NextGen Tech (“NGT” or the “Company”), a leading one-stop Non-fungible Token (“NFT”) project launcher in Hong Kong, is pleased to announce that it will join strength with the local trendy NFT community, DinoVerse, to carry out an animal protection charity theme NFT campaign named “Native-born KOLs Unite to Care for Fur Baby“. It has received enthusiastic ovation and support from over 100 indigenous artists and key opinion leaders (“KOLs”), making it the very NFT project with the most KOL participation so far in Hong Kong. NGT and DinoVerse look forward to taking this opportunity to appeal to all sectors of the community to care for animals and prevent abandonment. Moreover, 50% of the NFT royalties[1] of all DinoVerse dinosaurs and 10% of the net profit of the project will be donated to three animal protection organizations including The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Paws Guardian Rescue Shelter (PGRS), and Home for Homeless Dog.

This animal protection theme charity NFT project of “Native-born KOLs Unite to Care for Fur Baby” derives creativity and scheme from DinoVerse’s collection of “Jurassic Metaverse”. Users can get an exclusive permit and adopt a dinosaur egg at “DinoVerse Dinosaur Island”, then by hatching their own unique baby dinosaur, the adopter will then become a “Dinos Owner”. At the first stage, DinoVerse only provides 5,000 original adoption quotas. After the adoption phase accomplished, the second stage – “Virtual Pet Era” (akin to Tamagotchi) will unlock. Each Dinos Owner can earn and accumulate Experience Points (EXP) by feeding, cleaning, and tending their own exclusive dinosaurs, or by playing other mobile-compatible mini games to level up their baby dinosaurs, letting them evolve to more advanced Juvie and adult dinosaurs. After the whole evolution is completed, the Dinos Owner can obtain an adult dinosaur NFT, which has proprietary copyright and can be publicly traded.

Due to the arcane technical nature of NFT, most relevant popularization and dissemination contents are too obscure and abstruse. Therefore, the creation of “DinoVerse Dinosaur Island” sets its feet on the conversant and resonant memory of the era of “virtual pet”, acting as the launch pad for people to get a tread on experiencing the enjoyment and feasibility of NFT. Furthermore, injecting the hard profit generated by NFT into the daily life scenes of supporting animal rescue and protection through charity projects, could also help reflect its commerciality and investment value. Subsequently, the DinoVerse Dinosaur Island will activate more stages to expedite the technological integration with Metaverse. The Company will provide more practical applications, as well as launch offline theme events and physical merchandising collectibles.

NextGen Tech collaborates with DinoVerse to ingeniously integrate NFT into real life through trendy community culture and persist in exploring the generalization and implementation of NFT. Mr. Francis Leung, CEO of NextGen Tech, stated, “This charity NFT project jointly held with DinoVerse marks the first remarkable attempt of NGT to tap into the Metaverse. In addition, our team also referred to the architectural logic of the Metaverse and rendered the very first ‘Meta-Street Hong Kong‘ with great concentration. We expect that a multifarious ‘Meta-Street‘ that displayed as a cluster of virtual shops could be established through consociation with numerous well-known avant-courier brands. By drawing the support from local artists and KOLs, we target to expand the commercial and entertainment scenarios from physical world to virtual realm. Ultimately, we would like to pursue and fulfill the ‘MetaExperience’. In addition to enhancing the comprehensive recognition of NFTs, it can also effectively echo the emerging concept of ‘Being Digital’.” At present, a crowd of brands have entered in the ‘Meta-Street Hong Kong‘ to enclose a domain and station a foothold, they are all over fashion, jewelry, and catering. Each store itself is an NFT, and its holder has the right to enlarge the scale, decorate the shop front and transfer the location within the space.

Mr. Francis Leung added, “It’s never been a thorny issue to develop a series of feasible and amusing NFT reel at the technology level, but how to delineate the gimmick with ingenious touch to arouse users’ attention and get it widely circulated is the crux. With the continuous refinement and progress of technology, NFT is no longer confined to the antiquated pixel pictures, emoticons or profile pictures (‘PFP’), etc. It has already elevated itself and swept into the high-speed track, with both practical value and brand significance. NFT adopts blockchain technology for storage, so it has three distinctive attributes of rarity, indivisibility, and uniqueness. It is definitely a smashing and secure investment tool, and the first-rate marketing instrument that confers the edges and megahit on diverse brands.”

In the long run, with the iterative upgrade of technology, it is imperative to develop the Metaverse and build up the NFT ecosystem. Affected by the global economic situation recently, the digital asset market has also appeared great fluctuations. Therefore, how to adapt the value of the tangible matters to digital modules securely and reliably to beef up the investment scenarios in the real world is the gist that all the practitioners in the NFT and blockchain industries should keep close tabs on and contemplate. This accords with the construction and operation philosophy of NextGen Tech as well.

[1] For every transaction of each NFT, creators are given a percentage of their selling prices as royalties. NFT royalties are permanent and automatically enforced by smart contracts. Creators can choose their own royalty percentage in most markets, generally the standard NFT royalty is 5-10% of its selling price.

About NextGen Tech (NGT)

Established in 2019, NextGen Tech (NGT) is a one-stop NFT project launcher headquartered in Hong Kong. Its expertise team consists of technical adepts keen on the tactics of cryptocurrency and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), in a bid to facilitate the feasibility of NFT in traditional industries. By providing technical know-how and contract creation services to owners with unique product portfolios, NGT specializes in minting and marketing exclusive NFTs for them, then launching to the market for secured and prudent circulation and turnovers, fueling the materialization of the value of digital assets still further.

For more information, please visit: nftlauncherhk.com or email business@nftlauncherhk.com.

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About DinoVerse NFT

DinoVerse is the premier NFT trending community of celebrities in Hong Kong. Its exclusively innovated DinoVerse Dinosaur Island is the begetter that perfectly integrates the personal dinosaur NFT with the virtual pet game mode (akin to “Tamagotchi”). It has now leapfrogged up to be the very NFT project supported by the most artists and KOLs in Hong Kong. DinoVerse has made brilliant achievements in enclosures within Web 3 and Metaverse through NFT animation visualization.

For more information, please visit the website: https://dinoversenft.io/
Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/dino.verse.nft/
Or email official@dinoversenft.io.

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