Officials Filmed Drinking with Minors Causes Uproar on Social Media


Police officials in Xieng Khouang Province appeared in a video drinking alcohol with two young female students believed to be under 18 years old.

The video went viral online yesterday, depicting officials in police uniforms playing a game of petanque and drinking alcohol at a police office.

Most upsettingly, the officers in the video are accompanied by two young students seen dancing in their school uniforms.

The police officers in the video have been questioned about their inexcusable behavior and their unprofessionalism while in uniform.

Outraged citizens voiced their disappointment in response to the video and suggested that the inappropriate behavior is evidence that the police officers had taken advantage of the young students.

“Officers, you should be protectors not molesters,” one concerned citizen commented on social media.

According to Lao law, those who engage in sexual relationships with minors will face severe punishments, including lengthy jail sentences as well as heavy fines. 

The incident has yet to receive a response from the provincial public security department, however, similar incidents in the past have resulted in swift punishment for those involved.