Laos-China Railway Company Fed Up With Trespassers and Domestic Animals


The Laos-China Railway Company has again urged residents to refrain from entering restricted areas or allowing domestic animals to graze in areas near the railway tracks.

According to a statement on its Facebook page, the railway company would like to highlight the significant danger posed to anyone who enters restricted areas, as individuals or animals may be hit by a passing train or could be exposed to other dangers including electrified cables.

Such incidents also lead to disruptions to train services, including lengthy delays that inconvenience passenger and freight deliveries.

Meanwhile, the railway company pointed out in its statement that the Lao Law on Rail strictly prohibits crossing the railway line or climbing fences and barriers around the railway.

A goat was killed after walking onto the tracks, according to the Laos-China Railway Company.

In another frustrated post by the railway company, an announcement was made recently regarding a group of young people who posted photos of themselves posing on railway tracks.

And in March, residents were caught by railway authorities climbing over a railway fence.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported as a result of either incident, however, interference with electrified cables has ended in tragedy along the railway in the past.

A man was electrocuted while cutting and attempting to steal cables at a Naxaythong section of the Laos-China Railway in Vientiane Capital in October 2021.