Samsung Laos Showcases Major Innovations

Minister of Technology and Communication, Prof. Dr. Borviengkham Vongdala (middle right) and Managing Director of Branch Thai Samsung Electronics to Cambodia and Laos, Mr. Hyung Geun Lee(middle left).

The “Unveiling the Next Galaxy” event will highlight the exciting new technology released at the “Samsung Global Unpacked 2022” event on 10 August, bringing the all-new Galaxy closer to stakeholders and giving consumers the chance to pre-order cutting edge offerings.

This event aims to effectively communicate with consumers to help them understand Samsung’s global commitment and how it creates technological advances, empowering sustainability, society, economy and the environment.

Prof. Dr. Borviengkham Vongdala, Minister of Technology and Communication, was honored to be the co-chair of the event. In his opening speech for the event he said, ” Overall, this product launch event of Samsung takes part in helping and promoting the use of digital technology in all fields to drive socioeconomic development to become modern. It is an important  part of promoting knowledge expansion in various fields for users in Laos.”

“It will also strengthen the technological infrastructure and communication of our nation in both the government and the private sector. This includes research institutes, universities, business sectors, and entrepreneurs, both domestically and internationally.”

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Mr. Hyung Geun Lee, Managing Director of Branch Thai Samsung Electronics to Cambodia and Laos said, “as we all know, Samsung is a leader in electronics technology. One of our important objectives is to bring innovation to consumers. To reinforce this vision of Samsung’s we have created the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, our latest flagship device that functions for both work and leisure.”

“Moreover, Samsung is also dedicated toward sustainability and the environment. Samsung takes responsibility for its environmental implact, and this allows us to invent more recycled materials for our products, including optimization of our packaging. We are also part of advancing the UNDP’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in order to secure a green world for all human kind.”

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

The event showcases the diversity of its mobile phones and the importance of communication to bettering lifestyles of users in the modern age, a value which drives Samsung to pioneer technology.

The enthusiastic research and development required to create this advanced technology will be one of many tools that Samsung will showcase during its hosting of the World Expo 2030 in Busan, Republic of Korea.

In Busan, users will experience the latest 6G technology along with other new exciting products from Samsung. Busan city has world class facilities for the Expo’s many events, as it is one of the world’s fastest growing cities in terms of infrastructure and accessibility of  innovation for the people.

This innovative context make Busan the ideal place for Samsung to host a world class trade fair that will provide a remarkable experience for participants from around the world.