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Monday, June 17, 2024

Flooding Wrecks 90% of the Agricultural Land in Oudomxay

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Tropical storm MA-ON has severely damaged 90 percent of agricultural lands and irrigation systems in some districts of Oudomxay Province.

Mr. Phimmasane Khonsilivong, head of the Agriculture and Forestry office in La district, stated that 16 villages were impacted by the flooding caused by last week’s tropical storm. Around 270 hectares of farmland was damaged, 90% of which remained unrestored, 18 irrigation facilities, and a variety of livestock were affected as well.

The Agriculture and Forestry Office in La District is planning to survey the damaged areas once the flood water recedes. This will enable them to help the people to restore production through replacement crops.

The flood has affected 2,324 people in the four districts in the province, including Xay, Namor, Nga, and La districts, and two people have lost their lives as well.

Landslides collapsed and submerged roads, houses, and power lines, displacing some residents and isolating those without phone service, and electricity. Some schools in the province have suspended the start of the new school year due to the flooding.

Provinces across Laos, particularly northern provinces, have suffered from flooding due to the tropical storms that continue to bring more rain and damage to much of the country. The provinces of Houaphanh, Bokeo, Luang Prabang, Oudomxay, and Phongsaly have been hit particularly hard.

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