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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

10 Young People Apprehended For Kratom Trade in Champasack

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Police in Champasak province counseled seven teenagers who were detained for being involved in the trade of Kratom.

Champamai Newspaper reported that all the teenagers were advised at Pakse City Police Headquarters yesterday after the police got a hold of them for trading and selling Kratom juice and Kratom leaves. The Kratom plant is said to have properties similar to that of Cannabis.

Pakse City Police and the authorities were able to apprehend seven men and three women in relation to this incident.

Twenty liters of Kratom juice, seven kg of leaves with 34 bottles of cough syrup, five grams of sugar and some equipment were sized in relation to this incident.

In July, The Lao Ministry of Health issued a letter to the Thai Trade Ambassador to Laos stating that the Kratom plant still remains prohibited in Laos.

This includes growing, possessing, buying, selling, processing, and storing the plant, as well as importing and supplying it within Laos.

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