58 Killed, 732 Injured in Road Accidents Across Laos in August

Over 1000 killed in accidents across Laos in 2020

According to the most recent data from the Lao Ministry of Public Security, 58 persons were killed and 732 others were wounded in road accidents in Laos in August.

The report provided by the ministry’s traffic police section, further stated that 798 vehicles were damaged in 438 road accidents documented nationally in August.

Vientiane, Laos’ capital, had the most road accidents, followed by Savannakhet and Champasack provinces.

The damage was projected to cost more than LAK 5.8 billion (about USD 369,000).

According to the survey, the primary causes of road accidents in Laos include speeding, intoxicated driving, rapid changes in direction, and general violations of traffic norms.

More than 800 people lost their lives to road accidents across Laos last year, with the majority of accidents caused by drunk or reckless driving.