Huge Amount of Drugs Destroyed on Anti-Drug Day in Savannakhet

A considerable amount of drugs have been destroyed in Savannakhet.

Savannakhet Police Headquarters got rid of the drugs during a national anti-drug day event on Wednesday.

Around 264,395 pills of amphetamine, 14,805 gm of methamphetamine, 2,433 gm of MDMA, and 442 packs of marijuana weighing 433,814 gm were disposed of at the event.

The event was led by the Deputy Governor of Savannakhet province and Director of the province’s Education and Sports Department Ms. Lingthong Sengtavan, accompanied by Mr. Sommat Phomchan, head of the provincial police command and other relevant authorities.

Ms. Lingthong said the event was held to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the national anti-drug day. The purpose of the event was to display the will and cooperation of residents who understand the harmful effects of drugs on society and support law enforcement officials in nabbing people who are involved in the production or sale of drugs in the country. The drugs which were set on fire were seized during numerous raids conducted by the police in the region.

She added that the government has been encouraging involved authorities to take serious action against drug trafficking at all time and make it their primary objective. At the same time, the government continues to educate young people about how drugs can be detrimental to the development of their lives.

Ms. Lingthong informed that last year, out of the 813 people admitted for treatment at a Drug addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in Savannakhet, 434 have been cured and returned to their family safely. They were also able to successfully certify 666 households in the district as drug-free houses.

She noted that officials raided a drug factory in the province recently and apprehended 594 people who were suspected of selling drugs. They were also able to confiscate 2.6 million amphetamine pills, 1,300 gm of methamphetamine, 490 kg marijuana, among other drugs.