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President of the National Assembly Invites Russian Tourists to Laos

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The President of the National Assembly invited tourists from Russia to visit Laos on the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of Lao-Russian diplomatic relations earlier this month.

Mr. Saysomphone Phomvihane, Politburo member and President of the National Assembly, said that after Laos’s reopening, the country promoted the Lao Travel Green Zone and encouraged international tourists to visit its various tourist attractions.

The Lao government has been working on improving its tourism, particularly in provinces that are popular travel destinations, as well as focusing on the smooth operation of the Laos-China Railway.

Since the country opened up after the Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year, the Ministry of Information and Culture and domestic media outlets have been promoting tourist destinations in Laos’s most key locations via social media platforms and investing in marketing activities as well.

He noted that Laos has also nominated Hin Nam Nor, a national protected area, to be the country’s first Natural UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As flights will soon start operating between Vladivostok and Vientiane, the president of the National Assembly is hopeful that Russian tourists will travel to Laos. He also added that their visit will be eased by the fact that several Laotians also speak Russian.

Russia had earlier expressed an interest in developing tourism with Laos, seeking to enable Lao and Russian citizens to visit each other’s countries more.

Laos and Russia first established diplomatic relations on 7 October 1960.

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