Road Accidents Kill 71 People in October

Photo Credit: Laopost

Laos recorded 71 deaths in October and according to the Traffic Police department, the most deaths and accidents occurred in Vientiane Capital.  

The number of deaths from road accidents across the country last month clocked in at 71, an increase of nine casualties from September’s figures. Workers, students, and chauffeurs were the ones who frequently got into collisions.

A total of 513 accidents occurred across the country where 783 people were injured, and 915 vehicles were damaged.

Vientiane Capital recorded 83 accidents and 13 deaths, with 165 damaged vehicles reporting the highest figures among other provinces. Savannakhet saw 66 accidents while 58 accidents were recorded in Champasack.

The majority of accidents were reportedly due to speeding and drunk driving, and the victims were mostly between the ages of 16 and 20.

Throughout the month, most accidents were reported on Sunday, Saturday, and Friday respectively and they often happened between the hours of 5 pm and 12 am.

During last month’s Boat racing festival, the country also recorded 101 accidents which damaged 186 vehicles, injured 175 people, and claimed the lives of 13.

Laos saw 489 accidents in September that caused damage worth LAK 7 billion (about USD 418,000).