Xieng Khouang to Host the 11th Lao National Games in December

The main stadium for the opening and closing of the 11th Lao National Game in Xieng Khuang | Photo credit: Vientiane Times

Xieng Khouang province is all set to host the 11th Lao National Games in December and has invited residents and tourists to attend the sporting event.

Head of the Secretariat of the National Sports Festival and Deputy Governor, Mr. Sivilay Sengchaleun informed the press recently that The 11th Lao National Games will take place in Xieng Khouang between 13-22 December. The 10th National Games were held in Oudomxay Province in 2014 and this year’s event comes after an eight-year hiatus.

According to Mr. Sivilay, the event will see participation in 25 kinds of sports from 576 sportspersons from Xieng Khouang. The competitors include 304 male and 209 women athletes, and 63 coaches as well. Athletes from other provinces will be competing in the event as well.

He also said that the event will provide various services, including food, accommodation, and transportation to the athletes while also assuring their safety. Additionally, the event will celebrate and highlight the province’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, Plain of Jars, and other religious activities will be performed as well. The Deputy Governor has also invited the public including local and international tourists to come to watch the games.

The shooting competition already commenced this Monday in Vientiane Capital before the official event being held in Xieng Khouang. It is one of the sports whose competition will be organized in the capital alongside swimming.

The shooting competition will happen in three phases during the Lao National Games. The first phase will take place between 14-20 November, the second phase will be held between 24-29 November in Vientiane Capital. Xieng Khouang will host the final phase during 14-26 December.