Laos, Thailand Cooperate to Rescue More Tiger Cubs from Laos

Four tiger cubs, being cared for at a wildlife clinic in Thailand | Photo credit:

The two countries are working together to prevent cross-border wildlife trafficking since four tiger cubs were rescued in Thailand after being smuggled from Laos.

According to Thai police officials who investigated the matter with Lao authorities last week, at least 20–30 tiger cubs are still being held captive in Laos. To obtain information about the cubs’ location and get cooperation for further inspection, they have also contacted the international wildlife trade network.

Director of the Office of Conservation Area 9 (Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand), Mr. Chaiwat Limlikitaksorn said that according to the undercover police who rescued the four cubs, about 30 of the tigers are still in Laos.

Mr. Chaiwat added that the couple who tried to sell the cubs have not yet been released on bond.

The cubs’ blood was also sent for DNA testing to assess if their parents were bred in captivity. The result would be available within two to three weeks.

Meanwhile, the deputy head of the wildlife protection division in Savannakhet province, Mr. Sounthon Theppanya, said that having received comprehensive information about the four tiger cubs, he is confident that there are no tiger farms in Laos whatsoever.

The cubs, according to Mr. Sounthon, were actually from Thailand but were transported to Savannakhet so that some foreign nationals might purchase them to prepare herbal medicines and elixirs.

Last month, Thai police were able to rescue four tiger cubs after undercover officers tricked a couple selling the cubs into believing they were keen to buy them.

Following the rescue, the tiger cubs were transferred to a wildlife center in Ubon Ratchathani for further care and monitoring.