Walmart Plans Business Expansion in Cambodia

Walmart Plans Business Expansion in Cambodia
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A Walmart official, Ms. Anbinh Phan was in an online conference with a Cambodian Ministry of Commerce representative, Mr. Pan Sorasak to discuss the expansion of the American multinational retail corporation in Cambodia on Friday.

Ms. Anbinh stated during the conference that Walmart intends to expand its business operations and strengthen cooperation with relevant partners to generate more employment in Cambodia, especially for women, and also assist in bolstering the country’s economy and reducing poverty.

Mr. Sorasak thanked Walmart for releasing the purchase order for clothing and travel items manufactured in Cambodia, and he welcomed the company’s plans to extend its business operations in the country.

“The ministry will continue to cooperate with the company, private sector, ministries, and relevant institutions to boost exporting agricultural products to [that] market more and more,” said Mr. Sorasak.

To promote commercial operations in Cambodia, the Minister of Commerce said that the ministry has also strengthened its institutional capacity by preparing legislation and modernizing public services and trade facilitation to make it easier for companies to conduct business in the country.

The minister also expressed his support for Walmart’s plan to purchase more Cambodian commodities like furniture, electronics, and agricultural products.

In January last year, a delegation of Lao-Americans met with the Lao Overseas Affairs Department and the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) to discuss business opportunities in Laos.

The team, led by Lao-American entrepreneur and top Walmart executive, Ms. Supha Xayprasith-Mays, came to Laos to foster interactions between the Lao diaspora in the United States and businesses in Laos.