Police Officer Trying to Steal Gold, Arrested in Vientiane Capital


Local police arrested a man, who robbed a gold shop in Vientiane Capital’s Xaythany district seizing 304.8 g of gold and shooting the village guard last week.

According to a witness, the criminal concealed his face with a firearm while stealing the valuable items.

After a resident raised alarm about the raid, the gold shop was surrounded by village guards to apprehend the culprit. However, the man shot one of the guards as he fled the crime scene.

Following the incident, local police were able to detain the man, who was subsequently identified as a police officer.

Police are currently looking for further information about the accused. The village guard was eventually sent to hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, another man believed to have escaped from prison reportedly robbed a jewelry store at Vientiane Center shopping mall on Monday, eloping with a number of highly valuable diamonds.

Vientiane Capital police had also managed to apprehend a criminal who robbed two women at a gunpoint back in September.