Miss Universe Laos Payengxa Lor Makes Top 16

Miss Universe Laos in Top 16 at 71st Miss Universe Competition
Miss Universe Laos in Top 16 at 71st Miss Universe Competition.

Miss Universe Laos, Payengxa Lor, has been selected among the Top 16 as the 71st Miss Universe Competition continues in New Orleans, United States.

Ms. Payengxa Lor is a fan favorite among social media users in Laos and around the world, and especially with the Hmong community of the United States, who she visited in Minnesota before entering the competition.

The Laos-born model of Hmong descent topped the list of fan favorites after appearing on television in the US in an interview aired on News 3 Today.

She wore an outfit inspired by three major ethnic minority groups in Laos during the National Costume Show segment of the Miss Universe competition.  The outfit featured patterns and motifs inspired by the traditional designs of the Khmu, Lowland Lao, and Hmong people, with the flag of Laos at the center.

Ms. Payengxa Lor is tipped to make it to the Top 5 as the contest continues.